Today in the city Poway 21.07.2017
Television Amps Up, Movies Simmer Down at Comic-Con

By Piya Sinha-RoyLOS ANGELES (Reuters) - From the dragons of Westeros and the "Walking Dead" zombies to the deadly humanoid robots of "Westworld,"...

Chinese internet censors crack down on ... Winnie the Pooh

One of the most pressing questions facing millions of Chinese internet users right now seems to be: Have the authorities banished a honey-loving teddy bear from China's cyberspace?

China's Censors Block Winnie The Pooh From Social Media

People compared Winnie's physique to that of Chinese President Xi Jinping. An image shows the portly president with taller, thinner, ex-President Obama. It's paired with an image of Pooh and Tigger.

China banishes Winnie the Pooh from the internet (for a day) - CNET

Pooh was mysteriously missing from China's Weibo platform for around a day after netizens made memes comparing him to President Xi Jinping.

Whining Over Winnie: Chinese Censors Bothered by Pooh

Users of China's popular messaging app WeChat and other social media this past weekend found that images and mentions of Winnie the Pooh had been scrubbed from their internet.

Winnie the Pooh just got blacklisted by China

The bear has been censored on Chinese social media in the lead-up to the 19th Communist Party Congress, reports the FT.

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